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Get Certified

Receiving Kosher certification for your products will give you a broader range of buyers and show that your product meets the highest standards. Learn more


Kosher Consumer

In addition to being a nationally accepted certification agency, the AKC is an Orthodox community Vaad. Click for local kosher information, certified stores, and restaurants.

Get More from Kosher Certification with the Atlanta Kosher Commission

Keep reading to get all of your kosher questions answered, and see why over 150 companies choose the AKC for their kosher certification.

Atlanta Roots - Global Reach

The AKC began as a small-town nonprofit organization, providing local kashrus for Atlanta. Today the AKC is the largest kosher certifying agency in the South East. We certify hundreds of industries, companies, and products all over the U.S. (See our list of certified companies)

Where Everyone Knows Your Name

Companies select the AKC because they want all the accountability of a giant kosher agency, with all the perks of Southern Hospitality. We have worldwide recognition and are accepted by all the leading kosher organizations and communities

Let Us Make the Kosher Process Easy and Affordable

We’re a small organization - not a business - So we can be flexible and really help you. We evaluate the needs of your company and try to keep costs low.

Be Approved to Sell Your Products to Kraft, General Mills and Coca-Cola

When you want to do business with a big kosher partner, you’ve got to be kosher, too. One third of the food industry in the US is kosher certified, and will only use kosher certified products. Because we’re part of the kosher network we can help you jump through the kosher approval hoop. All the kosher companies in the US, Europe, Israel and many Muslim countries such as Malaysia will often require a kosher certified vendor.

Wherever You Are - We Can Help You Get Kosher Certified

We work with 30 full-time kosher supervisors in the south, plus a dozen agents within the major cities that get AKC certification - you can find us in California, Ohio, Indiana and Florida.

A Word From Our Very Own Rabbi Stein

“We have hundreds of thousands of consumers who rely on us,” says Rabbi Stein, head of the AKC. Products certified by the Atlanta Kashrus Commission are accepted and respected everywhere for meeting the highest kosher standard of the kosher agency founded by the Southeast Jewish community. Rabbis from Birmingham to Charleston, Nashville, and Jacksonville rely on us for kosher food, while consumers all over America trust our kosher symbol.”