Rabbi Reuven Stein
Director of Supervision

Rabbi Moshe Shkarofsky
Senior Kashruth Coordinator

Rabbi Yaakov Zehnwirth
Kashruth Coordinator

David Kayser
Rabbinic Field Representative

Rabbi Ilan Feldman

Rabbi Shmuel Khoshkerman
Rabbinic Advisor

Rabbi Yossi New
Rabbinic Liaison

Mrs. Rachel Leah Klein
Office Manager

There are also over 20 full-time Mashgichim working in various establishments

Rabbi Stein

We are an Orthodox community-based non-profit kosher supervising agency founded in the 1970s by Rabbi Emanuel Feldman. The Atlanta Kashruth Commission currently certifies over 150 companies in the Southeast and beyond, including manufacturing facilities, bakeries, supermarkets, restaurants, hotels, and caterers throughout the country.

Working closely with major certifying agencies, the AKC has developed a worldwide reputation in the field of kosher supervision, and kosher certification.

Whether you are looking for industrial kashrut certification, have a question about one of our hundreds of certified products, or just want a place to get kosher food...

...We'd Love To Help Y'all With All Of Your Kosher Needs!

In addition to being a nationally recognized kosher certifying agency, the AKC:

  • Educates children and adults through classes in day schools, religious schools, and synagogues
  • Answers hundreds of consumer kashrut questions
  • Researches and monitors new developments in the food industry
  • Publishes kosher materials such as the Kosher Guide, the Pesach Guide, Kosher symbols cards, and email updates and alerts