Griller’s Pride, Rising Star Coffee Roasters, Kroger Product, Bertolli Balsamic Glaze, Glendale Farm Grape Juice, Kosher Day at the Braves, Passover Ad opportunity


Griller’s pride now has a Passover kitchen and is producing prepared foods for Passover. 770-454-8108 or   Rising Star Coffee Roasters is now certified by the AKC.   Kroger Hazelnut Spread with Breadsticks is now certified Kosher OU-D (dairy). Bertolli Balsamic Glaze: Some bottles are labeled with an unauthorized OU. The OU does not […]

Keith’s Corner Bar-B-Que Event, 2015 Recanati Wine, Richland Rum, Tribe Hummus, Part-Time Job, Pre-Pesach Classes


Keith’s Corner Bar-B-Que Will be holding its first pop-up event for the community Sunday the 19th at the Young Israel of Toco Hills from 4pm – 8pm. There will be BBQ Ribs and Pulled Beef available to purchase.   2015 Recanati Wine does not have OU certification (shmita concern). The AKC does not recommend purchasing […]

Keith’s Corner Bar-B-Que, Reggano, Kosher Gourmet, Job Available, Kosher Day at the Braves, New Slurpee Flavors


Keith’s Corner Bar-B-Que. Now certified AKC Kosher. Offering your favorite BBQ specialties. FEATURING: Ribs, Pulled Beef, Brisket, Smoked Chicken and Homemade sides. On site catering, Special Events, Corporate and Residential. 404-250-1227(1BBQ) Our BBQ is SMOKIN’ Keith Marks PitMaster   Reggano: The OU does not certify Reggano Pasta Entrée Angel Hair with Parmesan Cheese, Pasta […]

Fruits for Tu B’Shevat


In honor of Tu B’shevat some people have a custom of eating various fruits. The Star-K has a handy guide to checking various fruits grown and purchased in the United States. See the link below.   Please be aware that even dried fruit with a kosher symbol can have infestation and needs to be checked. […]