Keith’s Corner Bar-B-Que Event, 2015 Recanati Wine, Richland Rum, Tribe Hummus, Part-Time Job, Pre-Pesach Classes


Keith’s Corner Bar-B-Que Will be holding its first pop-up event for the community Sunday the 19th at the Young Israel of Toco Hills from 4pm – 8pm. There will be BBQ Ribs and Pulled Beef available to purchase.   2015 Recanati Wine does not have OU certification (shmita concern). The AKC does not recommend purchasing […]

Keith’s Corner Bar-B-Que, Reggano, Kosher Gourmet, Job Available, Kosher Day at the Braves, New Slurpee Flavors


Keith’s Corner Bar-B-Que. Now certified AKC Kosher. Offering your favorite BBQ specialties. FEATURING: Ribs, Pulled Beef, Brisket, Smoked Chicken and Homemade sides. On site catering, Special Events, Corporate and Residential. 404-250-1227(1BBQ) Our BBQ is SMOKIN’ Keith Marks PitMaster   Reggano: The OU does not certify Reggano Pasta Entrée Angel Hair with Parmesan Cheese, Pasta […]

Fruits for Tu B’Shevat


In honor of Tu B’shevat some people have a custom of eating various fruits. The Star-K has a handy guide to checking various fruits grown and purchased in the United States. See the link below.   Please be aware that even dried fruit with a kosher symbol can have infestation and needs to be checked. […]

Kroger Cream Cheeses, Kroger Salad Dressings, Martin’s, Bell Pepper from Israel, Snapple, Planters Nuts, Taryag Mitzvos Class with Rabbi Stein


Some Kroger Cream Cheeses are no longer an OU certified product. Please check the label before purchasing.   Many Kroger Salad Dressings are now certified by the OU. Check the label before purchasing.   Martin’s Funnel Cake Flavored Potato Chips: The OU certifies Martin’s Funnel Cake Flavored Potato Chips as an OU D – Dairy […]

Publix Toco Hills, Tea, Sublime Doughnuts, Jelly Doughnuts, Kosher Gourmet, Insect Checking


Publix Toco Hills Pre-Chanukah Celebration Friday, December 23, 2016 11:00 a.m. – 1:00 p.m. At Publix Toco Hills   Tea, including decaffeinated: Unflavored orange pekoe or Green tea leaves (including matcha) or tea bags are acceptable without hashgachah if they contain no other ingredients. Flavored Herbal tea leaves or tea bags require kosher certification. Earl […]

Hannaford Hot Cocoa, IMAGINE Brand, Kalamata Olives, Bell Peppers, Sufganiyot, Publix Toco Hills


Hannaford Hot Cocoa Mix with Mini Marshmallows bears an unauthorized OK-D kosher symbol on the packaging. This product is NOT Kosher.   Many IMAGINE brand Soups & Broths are Kosher and bear the OU symbol. Currently, this includes “Creamy” soups (OU Pareve), Vegetable and Vegetarian broths (OU Pareve), and “Kosher Chicken Broth” (OU Meat). However, […]