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Pre-Pesach Class: Today, April 15th at The Kehilla at 8:00 pm (5075 Roswell Rd NE, Atlanta, GA 30342) Wednesday, April 17th Whole Foods Market (Chamblee): 5001 Peachtree Blvd, Atlanta, GA 30341 is having a Kosher for Passover Fish Cutting. Kroger Brand Half & Half certified by the AKC is Kosher for Passover. Beautycounter Brand Cosmetics […]

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Please see the following links for Passover Information: There are a limited number of OU Passover Guides at Beth Jacob The AKC Passover Guide will be out soon. Passover Food Orders are available from the following vendors: For All Occasions Catering: 770-823-6677 Griller’s Pride: 770-454-8108 The Kosher Gourmet: 404-636-1114 The Spicy Peach […]

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NEW: Kroger Toco Hills in-store bakery is now AKC certified kosher Dairy.  Kroger Toco Hills now has two AKC certified bakeries. One is Pareve Pas Yisrael the other is Dairy Pas Yisrael. Please note that there will still be non-kosher baked goods in the Kroger store. Kosher certified products will bear kosher labels. Please check […]

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Dried Fruit List for Tu B’Shvat Requires Certification: (For instructions on bug-checking see link below) Apples                                                   (Flavored Apple Sauce)                        Bananas                                                Blackberries                                        Blueberries                                            Cherries                                                Cranberries                                         Currants                                              Mangoes                                             Papaya Raspberries Strawberries No Certification Required – With No Additional Flavors or Oils: (For […]