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For Schach information (including codes for kosher schach available at various Home Depots) please see the CRC Link below:   MJCC Alert: One cannot assume that all food served at the MJCC campus is kosher. Only A Healthy Touch is under AKC supervision with an onsite mashgiach. One must be sure to check the […]

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Little Debbie Snackfoods (Except those containing Gelatin) are now certified OU-D.   Great Value Sprinkles Candy Coated Flavored Chocolate Chips, distributed by Walmart, incorrectly states “milk.” on the panel ingredients.  The product has no milk ingredients, but one of its ingredients is made on Dairy Equipment.   Bijan’s and Broadway Catering Mrs. Judith Bloom is […]

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  New Kosher Market Opening Tomorrow: Tiptop Kosher Market – 470-365-2994 2211 Savoy Drive Atlanta, GA 30341 Sunday-Thursday: 9AM-8PM Friday: 9AM-4PM   Kroger Toco Hills Kosher Deli: The Kosher Deli was closed for remodeling and the sushi was moved to the front of the store. The Kosher Deli is now open again and the sushi […]

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Fresh Fish: The AKC does not recommend purchasing fresh pre-cut fish (even salmon) without certification from places like Costco, Krogers, etc. These places use non-kosher knives. Check AKC Guide (Fish Section) for more information.   In the previous alert we mentioned that some carrots; especially frozen may come from Israel. One may certainly buy produce […]