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Kellogg’s Cereals: The following “Limited Edition” Kellogg’s cereals do not bear a K or an OU symbol and are not certified Kosher, due to the addition of marshmallows (which contain non-Kosher gelatin): Apple Jacks with Spooky Marshmallows, Chocolate Frosted Flakes with Spooky Marshmallows, and Froot Loops with Spooky Marshmallows. Other Kellogg’s cereals that contain marshmallows […]

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Schach: This year the CRC is not recommending the use of Home Depot Schach: In previous years, the CRC has recommended certain readily available fencing material (commonly sold in Home Depot) to be used for schach and provided detailed instructions on how to place them on the sukkah. However, based on feedback from consumers on […]

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Please be advised that Starbucks Corporation has decided to end the expanded STAR-K kosher information program. Consumers are advised that effective immediately the STAR-K only recommends a limited number of drinks and can no longer vouch for the kashrus of many of the flavored items previously listed. For more information see the Star-K website: […]

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Kosher Day at SunTrust Park Stadium This Sunday, May 6, 2018 at 1:35 pm DEADLINE to Purchase tickets: This Saturday, May 5th at 11:59 pm Atlanta Braves vs. San Francisco Giants Digital Ticket prices (The AKC is not selling paper/physical tickets) $12 per Ticket + purchase fee Location: Home Run Porch, Section 154 How to […]