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For All Occasions & More Catering which was based out of the Jewish Federation of Atlanta is no longer an AKC certified caterer and is no longer at the Federation.  If there are any future changes, the community will be notified. The Spicy Peach now carries fresh Sushi daily. Check out their new sushi counter. […]

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Marzano Spaghetti Sauce: The OU certifies Marzano Spaghetti Sauce as an OU pareve product.  Some labels with an OU symbol were used for a spaghetti sauce that contains non-kosher beef.  The labels for the kosher and non-kosher products look alike except for the ingredients statement.  Consumers should look at the ingredients statement and verify whether […]

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Bruster’s Toco Hills is now completely kosher including the gummy worms. (Other certified Bruster’s stores still have non-kosher gummy worms.) Bruster’s Toco Hills: All ice cream, yogurt, sherbets, milkshakes, lattes, smoothies, ices, sorbets, ice cream cakes, sundaes, and all cones and toppings are kosher dairy with the following exceptions: The following sorbets are dairy equipment […]

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Zoo Atlanta will have AKC certified event catering available starting February 2020 POP Kosher at Zoo Atlanta For more information contact: or 404-624-5600 Season Asian Harvest Whole Sweet Baby Corn is OU certified. The OU symbol has been inadvertently omitted from the label for Lot #12219. The product is certified even without the OU […]