AKC Membership

Support the AKC and receive the latest kosher materials and information. Members will receive an AKC Kosher Guide, Passover Guide, Approved Kosher Symbols Card, and a Kosher Kard to save you money at local establishments. Please see below for a listing of discounts available with the Kosher Kard.

AKC Membership Helps Fund the Following AKC Community Services:

  • Maintain a kashruth hotline and research bureau database, responding to over 250 calls and emails a month, helping people find kosher products, restaurants, researching ingredients, and dealing with kosher mix-ups. Sending out timely kosher Alerts.
  • Help synagogues and mashgichim determine if products are kosher.
  • Certify communal establishments, including Atlanta Jewish Federation, Atlanta Jewish Community Center, 7 banquet halls and over 70 butchers, bakers, manufacturers, restaurants and retail establishments.
  • Help new businesses become kosher and helps existing kosher establishments grow.
    Provide educational programs for Hebrew schools and day schools, synagogues and community organizations.
  • Consult with and advise people who wish to make their homes kosher.
  • Publish two Kosher Guides and send out email updates between issues.
  • Advocate for the kosher public at supermarkets, hospitals and nursing homes.
  • Serve as a watchdog in the community to help prevent false kosher advertising.
  • Disseminate information about Atlanta’s kosher resources to travelers and business people via mail, email and fax.

Kosher Kard Establishments

Our Kosher Kard establishments provide great discounts for your family!
The merchants decide when and how all discounts are applicable.

Establishment Telephone Discount
A Healthy Touch Cafe 678-812-3986
Breman Museum 678-222-3700 2 for 1 General Admission
Bruster's Toco Hills 404-320-7166 25 cents off any adult size product
(does not apply to kid’s cone or kid’s sundae or baby cone)
Chai Peking 404-327-7810 10% off dinner entrees only, cash or check
excludes steak, veal, mooshu, & rib dinners, $50 minimum
Dolce Catering & Bakery 10% off orders of $20 or more
Judaica Corner 404-636-2473 10% off
K&M Auto Repair 404-633-1677 10% off, excludes special repairs
Kosher Gourmet 404-636-1114 10% off purchases
Not to be combined with any other sales, promotions, discounts, etc.
Toco Instant Printing 404-321-5677 10% discount

Includes 1 AKC Kosher Kard, Kosher Guide, Passover Guide, Approved Kosher Symbols Card, and timely email updates.

Includes MEMBERSHIP plus an additional set of AKC Kosher Guides.

Includes PATRON MEMBERSHIP plus an additional Passover Guide.

To join, choose your level of membership and click the Pay Membership button below, or download and print the membership form and mail us a check.

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