Cut Fruit and Fruit Salad

The AKC recommends that fresh berries should only be purchased if there is no insect infestation. Cut fruit and cut fruit salad at the Toco Hills Publix may be used.

Kosher Deli

When you are ordering a tuna, white fish or vegetarian sub at Publix's Kosher Deli, please specifically request parve vegetables. Although regular vegetables are parve, it's possible that the vegetables in the front of the kosher deli have meat residue.

Publix Toco Hills

Main Phone Number:
(404) 638-6022

2969 N Druid Hills Rd NE
Atlanta, GA  30329-3909

Kosher Bakery

The Toco Hills Publix Bakery has a kosher dairy and kosher parve bakery. All products baked on premises are kosher and pas yisroel.
We only recommend purchasing products that have a kosher label as there are products in the store that accidentally get placed in the kosher area. Some products carry a Publix label and can be found in the bread aisle and are not baked there.

Kosher Breads without AKC

The following breads, if purchased from the Toco Hills Publix Bakery, are kosher and pareve even though there is no AKC label on them. (There are technical reasons that they do not have an AKC label on them at this time.)
Baguettes, Frozen Dough, Wheat Italian and 5 Grain Bread