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50 Years of Pursuing Excellence

The AKC is the largest Kosher Certifier in the Southeast. We certify thousands of products in hundreds of manufacturing facilities, bakeries, supermarkets, restaurants, hotels, and caterers. We pride ourselves on our ability to customize Kosher certification to your unique business model and needs. 

Over our 5 decades of experience the AKC has developed an international reputation in the field of Kosher supervision, and Kosher certification. Our certification is accepted by Kosher agencies and companies worldwide.

Whether you are looking for industrial Kosher certification, have a question about one of our thousands of certified products, or just want a place to get kosher food, we’d love to help you with all your Kosher needs.

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Meet The Team

Our team is composed of the top supervisors, coordinators, field representatives, and a strong rabbinic advisory board. 
There are also over 35 additional  Mashgichim working in various establishments.

Director of Supervision

Rabbi Ilan Feldman


Rabbi Shmuel Khosherman

Rabbinic Advisor

Rabbi Yossi New

Rabbinic Liason

Rabbi Moshe Shkarofsky

Senior Kashruth Coordinator

Kashruth Coordinator

Rabbinic Field Representative

Mrs. Rachel Leah Klein

Office Manager


AKC has been an excellent partner, and we have greatly enjoyed our working relationship. Your high standards, commitment to your principles, ready availability, and willingness to help us understand how to comply in unusual situations have been inspiring and extremely helpful. 
Thank you for helping us build a program of which we could be very proud.
Steve Cameron
Wellspring Bakehouse, Raleigh N.C.
July 2018
I would recommend contacting the AKC for your kosher certification needs. They will be a convenient and most economical option for you.
Rabbi Moshe Shkarofsky... was my contact for AtlantaFresh and I had an excellent experience with him.
Ron marks
AtlantaFresh Artisan Creamery, Atlanta GA
October 2018

About Us

The AKC is the largest  Kosher certifier in the Southeast. We certify thousands of products in companies and facilities in the Southeast and throughout the country.