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Atlanta Kosher BBQ Competition, Ritz Crackers, Philly Swirl Cups, Sabra, Kahlua

The AKC will be working with the Hebrew Order of David for the Annual Atlanta Kosher BBQ Competition and Festival taking place Sunday, September 25th at Brook Run Park. The BBQ Competition will be AKC certified. The vendors at the park may not necessarily be under supervision.


Ritz Crackers are an OU-D product.  Some of the packaging for the 12-pack Family Size Ritz Original Crackers was printed without the OU-D symbol.  This product is kosher and dairy.


Due to an error, a non-certified product appears in some boxes of Philly Swirl Cups. The candy coated spoons are not certified by the OU, but, the box bears an OU symbol.  Notices were placed inside each box to notify consumers that only the ices are certified kosher, and not the spoons.


Sabra Dipping Company Party Platter Selects, available in WalMart include Sabra® Classic Hummus, Breadsticks, Salami, and Cheeses.

Please be advised that although the hummus is kosher certified, the Platters are NOT KOSHER.


Kahlua has be recommended on and off for years. At this time Kahlua is not recommended even if it was produced in Mexico.

The Kosher status of alcoholic beverages changes constantly. Stay up to date with the Star-K and CRC Alcohol Lists:,_Liquor_and_Liqueur