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Black-Eyed Peas, Kroger, Pas Yisroel, Seaweed/Nori, Schach

Black-Eyed Peas: It is a custom for some to use black-eyed peas on Rosh Hashanah. There have been reports of infestation so please check the black-eyed peas for infestation before using.


Kroger: The Kroger Company has two kosher pareve bread bakery departments; one in Sandy Springs and one in Toco Hills. Breads baked in these bakeries are pas yisroel. Kroger also sells breads from other kosher bakeries in the kosher bread area. These breads may or may not be pas yisroel. This includes Goldminer and Wholesome Harvest breads (KOF-K).


Pas Yisroel: Many have the custom to only use Pas Yisroel from Rosh Hashanah to Yom Kippur. Items that are made fresh in AKC establishments are always going to be pas yisroel. Items such as pita, wraps, sandwich bread, and buns, brought in from elsewhere may or may not be pas yisroel. One should always check with the mashgiach of the establishment about what items are pas yisroel.

Below is link to a list of Pas Yisroel products.


Roasted Seaweed/Nori: manufactured by Nantong Huaxin Foods Co Ocean Pacific Seafood Group, are NOT KOF-K. These products have been manufactured without kosher certification and bear an unauthorized KOF-K with k#3646 on the label.


Schach: This year the CRC is not recommending the use of Home Depot Schach:

In previous years, the CRC has recommended certain readily available fencing material (commonly sold in Home Depot) to be used for schach and provided detailed instructions on how to place them on the sukkah. However, based on feedback from consumers on the sturdiness of those materials and how they were being used, we have determined that there is a reasonable chance that some people will end up not having kosher schach (since the fencing material could become invalidated if a few of the reeds break) unless they place multiple layers of fencing on top of their sukkah.

Accordingly, we are no longer issuing specific recommendations of fencing material. Instead we suggest that if you choose to use these fencing mats that you add additional schach (e.g. added layers of these mats, bamboo poles, evergreen or other tree branches) to ensure the fulfillment of the halachic requirement of “more shade than sunlight.” Also, any fencing mats should be placed perpendicular to the schach support beams in order to avoid ma’amid issues, as we have explained in previous years. (CRC)


The AKC wishes you a Shana Tova Umetuka, a Good and Sweet New Year.