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Jobs Available, TipTop Market, Fanta, McCormick, Membership

Kroger Orchard Park Dunwoody has two full-time jobs available in the kosher department. Ask for Moshe Sapir for an interview: (770) 391-9035. Publix Toco Hills has a part-time job available. Contact the AKC for more information: (404)634-4063. Agadir Tavshilim Restaurant (Located Inside TipTop Marke) is no longer under AKC supervision.The

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Kaplan Mitchell Retreat Center at Ramah Darom, EB Catering has a “Hunky Dory” Food Truck, Agadir Tavshilim Restaurant, Freshness Guaranteed Cherry Pie, Cap’n Crunch, QT List, New Kosher Slurpee Flavors, AKC Membership

Kaplan Mitchell Retreat Center at Ramah Darom: The AKC will be overseeing the just-announced Family Getaways at Ramah Darom starting this July.For more information about this facility and Mishpachah B’Ramah, Physically-Distanced Family Getaways at Ramah Darom, please visit ramahdarom.orgor contact Eliana Leader, Retreat Center Director, at 404-531-0801 ext. 9208 or

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Slim Fast, Duncan Hines, Food Delivery

Some Slim Fast products are no longer certified by the OU. Containers bearing the OU symbol were produced prior to the termination and are kosher. (Kashrut.com) A limited number of club pack cartons of Duncan Hines Yellow Cake Chocolate Frosting Pudding were mislabeled with a plain OK symbol. This product

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