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Ali’s Cookies

Ali’s Cookies (Emory Location) has changed ownership. Effective 4/29/22 Ali’s Cookies Emory will no longer be AKC Kosher Certified. Ali’s Cookies Perimeter location is still certified as Kosher Pareve. The Marietta location is still certified as Kosher Dairy.  Please make sure that if you receive Ali’s cookies, they come from

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Dole Red Grapefruit Sunrise

The OU certifies Dole Red Grapefruit Sunrise as an OU product.  Due to a temporary production change, some Red Grapefruit Sunrise is not certified by the OU and is not labeled with an OU. The products with the OU mark are certified and the ones without the OU mark are

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Brown Sugar for Passover

Brown Sugar must have KFP certification for Passover. Domino Brown Sugar and Publix Super Markets Brown Sugar with an OK-P are acceptable for Passover. The AKC Passover Quick Shopping Guide mistakenly lists Brown Sugar Brands: Kroger Brand and Dixie Crystals as acceptable for Passover. They are not KFP certified this

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