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Job Available, Ramah Darom, Blueberries, Voss Water

There is a full-time mashgiach job including benefits, available at Publix Toco Hills. Contact the AKC for more information. The AKC supervises year-round the Kaplan Mitchell Retreat Center at Ramah Darom. The AKC does not supervise Camp Ramah Darom (a Conservative overnight summer camp at the same location). The camp

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Gefen Jello, Absolutely Gluten Free Potato Crisps, Kroger Toco Hills Deli, Coffee Shops During Passover, Saba Olives, Natural Delights Dates, AKC Online Passover Guide, Pesach Classes

It is not uncommon to find Non-Passover Items inadvertently placed in the Passover sections at various stores. Please make sure to check labels before purchasing. Gefen Strawberry Jello and Gefen Diet Cherry Jello bought at the Spicy Peach should be checked for an OUP marking. If there is no P

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Kosher 101: Does the Rabbi bless the food?

One of the myths about kosher certification is that the process consists of a rabbi blessing the food. That’s not what happens. Kosher is a biblical term that means “fit”…

Kosher 101: Basic Requirements

What is the Difference between Meat, Dairy and Parve Foods? Many kosher laws stem from whether a food or food derivative falls into one of these categories. Because of the…

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