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Pas Yisroel Information

Pas Yisroel, the halacha of bread products requiring a Jewish person to have participated in their baking, is an area of Jewish law that some follow year-round, some on Shabbos, and some during the 10 days of teshuva between Rosh Hashanah and Yom Kippur.   Local Information: Caterers: All use both

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Honey Products – Kosher Guidelines

The following rules can be applied when determining if honey products are kosher: Honey: Pure, unflavored honey is acceptable without a hechsher.  Flavored honey requires a hechsher. Clover, Wildflower, Blossom, Orange, etc., are types of honey, not flavors, and are acceptable without a hechsher if they are unflavored. Honey in

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Simanim – Insect Checking

Some of the simanim used on Rosh Hashana have infestation issues regardless of kosher certification. Below are Simanim Checking guides by the CRC and Star-K. cRc- Simanim Chart Star-K Simanim Guide

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Informational Articles


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Kosher FAQ’s for Georgia Grown Companies

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Kosher 101: Basic Requirements

What is the Difference between Meat, Dairy and Parve Foods? Many kosher laws stem from whether a food or food derivative falls into one of these categories. Because of the…

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