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Kroger Pies, Giardiniera, Partanna, SlimFast

Unauthorized AKC: Kroger Toco Hills Dairy Bakery: Some non-approved pies bear an AKC-D kosher sticker.The following pies are not kosher approved:Pecan PiePumpkin PieCountry Apple Lattice PieCaramel Apple Streusel Pie Giardiniera Golchin bears an unauthorized KSA. This product is not certified by the KSA. Partanna Vinaigrettes (All Varieties): The OU does

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Krispy Kreme, Ready Protein Water, Triscuit, First Street Marinara Sauce with Cheese, Penn Dutch Cookie & Biscuit, Trader Joes Cinnamon Roll Bread, Job Opportunity

Krispy Kreme: The AKC used to certify the Krispy Kreme Commissary in Atlanta which produced the Krispy Kreme donuts sold in supermarkets with 149 on the inkjet. The commissary has closed.Krispy Kreme Donuts sold in supermarkets now come from various other facilities.The AKC can recommend that Krispy Kreme donuts coming

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