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Gefen Jello, Absolutely Gluten Free Potato Crisps, Kroger Toco Hills Deli, Coffee Shops During Passover, Saba Olives, Natural Delights Dates, AKC Online Passover Guide, Pesach Classes

It is not uncommon to find Non-Passover Items inadvertently placed in the Passover sections at various stores. Please make sure to check labels before purchasing. Gefen Strawberry Jello and Gefen Diet Cherry Jello bought at the Spicy Peach should be checked for an OUP marking. If there is no P

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Pesach Classes, Prepared Foods for Pesach, Potato Crisps from the Spicy Peach, Soft Matzah, Thrip Cloths

The Pesach Products Class with Rabbi Reuven Stein can be found on the AKC website at:https://kosheratlanta.org/lists-and-resources/ Kashering Your Kitchen Demonstration & Guidelines with rabbi Yaakov ZehnwirthWednesday March 17th8:30 pm On ZoomSee Flyer: kosheratlanta.org/wp-content/uploads/2021/03/Pesach-Flyer6.pdf PREPARED FOODS FOR PESACH: EB Catering347-988-4279ebghostkitchen.com Griller’s Pride770-454.8108www.GrillersPride.com Kosher Kreations770-885-2064 The Kosher Gourmet404-636-1114SGilmer@KGATL.com Absolutely Gluten Free Potato

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Ferrara Candies, Ritz Crackers, Joyva, Bamba, Duck Donuts Giveaway

Ferrara Candies: The only Ferrara candies that remain under UMK certification are Atomic Fireballs and Jawbreakers, and only when they bear the UMK symbol on each individual box. Ritz Crackers are Dairy, not Dairy Equipment (Kashrut.com). Joyva products that are reliable certified during the year and NOT reliably certified for

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