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Bruster’s – Toco Hills

The AKC has expanded the list of Bruster’s Toco Hills ice creams that are certified as Dairy Equipment. Please view the complete list on the kosher letter displayed in store and on our website at: Local Info (

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Twizzlers – Gummies

Although most Twizzlers candies are Kosher and bear an OU, Twizzlers Gummies contain non-Kosher gelatin and are not Kosher certified.  

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Barake Shawarma – Food Truck

Kosher Kreations Catering now has a food truck called Barake Shawarma that’s located at the Chabad Israeli Center, 4276 Chamblee Dunwoody Road, and is under AKC certification. For more information, please call (678) 885-7755.

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The AKC is the largest  Kosher certifier in the Southeast. We certify thousands of products in companies and facilities in the Southeast and throughout the country.