The AKC Certification Process

We strive to make becoming kosher certified as easy and affordable as possible.
You can call the AKC  or contact us online to get a quote or to discuss options and feasibility.

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2. Speak With Our Rabbi

The AKC will review the application. Each area of kosher has its specialist, and we will team your company representative with our rabbinic expert in your industry.

3. Meet the Rabbi at Your Facility​

Our rabbinic expert will visit your facility and determine what steps need to be taken to make the plant kosher and how frequently the production facility will be visited.

4. Agreement & Contract

The contract will include all kosher requirements and any applicable fees. The fee depends on the complexity of the facility, the number of products certified, location and travel costs, and the number of visits required. AKC certification fees are some of the lowest in the kosher industry.

5. Receive Kosher Certificate

An official Kosher Certification Letter is granted upon receipt of a signed contract and payment, and when all of the stipulations of the contract are met. This then entitles the plant to include a registered symbol of the AKC on any products or facilities certified in the letter and to advertise that these products are certified kosher.

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The Atlanta Kashruth Commission is an Orthodox non-profit kosher supervising agency founded in the 1970s. We currently certify over 150 companies and facilities in the Southeast and throughout the country.