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Cocoa Spread, Almond Meal, Quinoa, Dried Fruits, Double-check Labels, Prepared Passover Foods Available

Note: It is highly recommended to double-check the labels on products being purchased in the Passover sections at grocery stores. Non-KFP products are sometimes inadvertently placed in the Passover section.


Some Non-KFP Hashahar H’ole L’mehadrin Special Cocoa Spread was inadvertently placed with the KFP version In Kroger Toco Hills. Please check the labels for KFP certification.


The status of Passover certification on many items changes from year to year. One cannot assume that what was okay one year will be okay the next year.  The following are not acceptable without KFP certification on the label, or unless they are listed as KFP without having a KFP on the label in a current Passover guide:

Almond Meal

Dried Fruits



Note: Make sure to purchase a shank bone with a kosher seal.

It’s a common practice in non-kosher supermarkets to give out non-kosher shank bones.


Prepared Foods for Pesach:


For All Occasions Catering (404-953-8157)


The Kosher Gourmet (404-636-1114)


Griller’s Pride (770-454-8108)