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Dolce Catering & Bakery, Dole, Organic Broccoli Slaw, Hint Mint, California Classics

Dolce Catering & Bakery: For many years Dolce Catering was an AKC certified caterer. As of September 2018 Dolce Catering relocated and is no longer AKC Certified.

Dole: The OU certifies some Dole products when bearing the OU symbol.  Due to a recent change of ingredients, several Dole products that were certified and had the OU symbol are no longer certified and no longer bear the OU symbol.  Consumers should look for the OU symbol to determine if a product is certified.

After months of research, the CRC continues to find a high amount of insect infestation in organic broccoli slaw. We therefore are no longer recommending using organic broccoli slaw without a reliable hashgacha but continue to recommend non-organic broccoli slaw (which we are continuing to monitor as well).

Hint Mint: All products under the Hint Mint brand are no longer KSA certified. Hint Mint products bearing the KSA symbol are not certified.

California Classics: California Classics bears an unauthorized OU. Some bottles were labeled with an unauthorized OU symbol. The OU does not certify California Classics Family Style Italian Dressing and Marinade.