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Frequently Asked Questions

Everything You Wanted to Know about Going Kosher

Thomas is a purchaser for a company that sells to Nestle.
Nelly is vegan and is comforted seeing that there is no dairy designation on her food.
Sylvia is buying Kosher as she has invited over a group of friends and one of them eats strictly Kosher.
Dan buys Kosher as the strict cleanliness that is required for Kosherization is of great importance to him.
Jen is comforted knowing that a third party has audited this product.
Adam is Muslim and he buys Kosher products to ensure that there is no pork in his food.
James likes the knowledge that there is no co-mingling of equipment and ingredients between food types.
The health benefits of knowing there are no bottom-feeder fish, blood products or unhealthy animals in these products is important to Virginia.

    We guide you through the 4 step process to make it as easy as possible.

    Apply for Certification

    Talk to the expert in your industry

    Initial Inspection of your facility

    Contract and agreement

    The process could be as quick as a few days. If you want to make this happen yesterday we are happy to work with you.


    Our trademarked symbol is the way your customers will now that this product is certified Kosher.

    You will have the right to put our symbol on your packaging and you will be issued a letter of certification to give to anyone that requires Kosher documentation. 

    Every facility is different based on the below considerations. As we are a regional certifier our travel and other overhead costs are lower and we can afford to charge some of the lowest fees in the kosher industry.  Please contact us via this form or call us at 404-634-4063 for a free quote.

    Complexity of the facility,
    Number of products certified,
    Location and travel costs
    Frequency of visits required
    Sensitivity of the products

    We charge an all inclusive annual fee. You will always know exactly what the price will be before being certified. We will work with you to structure the payment schedule in a way that will work best for your business.

    We specialize in helping small businesses that want to use Kosher to broaden their market reach. We will walk you through the onboarding process and are always available for questions.

    About Us

    The AKC is the largest  Kosher certifier in the Southeast. We certify thousands of products in companies and facilities in the Southeast and throughout the country.