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Ferrara Pan Candy, Tevilas Keilim, 2015 Israeli Wines, Cacao Barry Milk Chocolate Callets, Jobs Available,

Many varieties of Ferrara Pan Candy are no longer kosher. Packaging with the UMK symbol (Shield K) is still certified. Please check each package for the UMK symbol.


Candy dishes and trays (made from materials that require tevilah) that you buy or receive as a Purim gift directly from a kosher business will likely need tevilas keilim if you wish to reuse it.


2015 Israeli Wines do not have regular approved kosher certification like the OU or OK because of a shmita concern. The AKC does not recommend purchasing these products, and has asked local stores to remove them from the kosher sections. Check with your rav if you have already purchased such wines.


Cacao Barry Milk Chocolate Callets 5kg: A limited number of packages sold in the United States were mistakenly printed with the OK (Pareve) symbol instead of the OK-D symbol. This product is Dairy.


Kroger Toco Hills is looking for a full-time mashgiach. For more information call the AKC: 404-634-4063


The Kosher Gourmet is looking for a mashgiach: 404-636-1114


Kosher Day at the Braves will take place Sunday, May 21, 2017


Ad Opportunity: You have an opportunity to reach hundreds of consumers through our Passover Guide. This is an opportunity for you to publicize your business by purchasing an ad in the AKC Passover guide. Call the AKC for more information: 404-634-4063