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Formaggio Mio Parmesan, Kroger Breads, GoLightly, AKC Membership Renewal

Formaggio Mio uses Parmesan cheese in many dishes. Authorities consider Parmesan an aged cheese and as such may require a six hour wait before eating meat. Many of the menu items that contain Parmesan have been cooked and at that point many authorities do not require a six hour wait. The Parmesan on the Caesar Salad and the Homemade Fries with Parmesan Flakes have uncooked Parmesan on them. Please check with your rabbi.


Kroger: The Kroger Company has two kosher pareve bread bakery departments; one in Sandy Springs and one in Toco Hills. Breads baked in these bakeries are pas yisroel. Kroger also sells breads from other kosher bakeries in the kosher bread area. These breads may or may not be pas yisroel. This includes Goldminer and Wholesome Harvest breads (KOF-K).


GoLightly Sugar Free Hard Candy Just Chocolates (Bonus 10% More) sold at Dollar Tree stores. The product was been mistakenly labeled KOF-K DE. It is certified as KOF-K Dairy as it contains butter per the ingredient panel.


AKC Membership expires on June 30th.

With AKC membership you receive:  a Kosher Kard Discount Card, an AKC Kosher Guide, and an AKC Passover Guide.


You can renew you membership online at:

You can call the office at: 404-634-4063. All donations are appreciated.


The Kosher Kard Discount Card offers savings at:

A Healthy Touch Café, Ali’s Cookies, Breman Jewish Heritage museum, Bruster’s Toco hills, Chai Peking, Judaica Corner, K&M Auto, Kosher Gourmet, and Toco Instant Printing.

This year’s Kosher Kard is valid from July 1, 2018 through June 30, 2019.


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