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Fresh Fish, Tithing Israeli Produce, Kosher Day Parking & Digital Tickets, Mashgiach Job

Fresh Fish: The AKC does not recommend purchasing fresh pre-cut fish (even salmon) without certification from places like Costco, Krogers, etc. These places use non-kosher knives. Check AKC Guide (Fish Section) for more information.


In the previous alert we mentioned that some carrots; especially frozen may come from Israel. One may certainly buy produce from Israel so long as one tithes them.

Information on tithing of Israeli produce can be found at:



To Purchase Digital Tickets to Kosher Day at the Braves, please go to the following link:


If you opted for digital/mobile tickets, please visit for a tutorial on how to access your game tickets. In short, you will download the Ballpark app and link it to your online Braves account, which you automatically have as a Braves customer. You will then be able to pull your tickets up for mobile entry when you arrive on game day. You will also be able to transfer your tickets/parking from the Ballpark app to your guests once they have downloaded the app.


Parking Information for Kosher day at the Braves:

It is highly recommend everyone purchase parking in advance at A number of the parking lots are pre-purchase only, and by securing these in advance, you can access Waze from the Ballpark app and put in your specific lot to get directions on exactly where you need to go on game day. Check to find out what time your specific parking lot will open on your game day.


The Chop House Gate (located in right-center field) will open 2 hours before the game for guests to watch batting practice from the Home Run Porch seats (batting practice is not guaranteed). All other gates, including access to all of our party suites and hospitality areas, will open 90 minutes before the game.



Publix Toco Hills is looking for a mashgiach for approximately 20 hours a week. Contact Rabbi Lew Weinreich for more information: 404-638-6022