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Gefilte Fish Purchased At The Spicy Peach, Thrip Cloths, Pre-Pesach Classes, and Other Pesach Info

If you purchased A&B Famous Homestyle White & Pike Gefilte Fish in Blue Box Containers from The Spicy Peach Make sure it has a KFP. A few non-KFP of this specific Gefilte Fish were accidentally sold with the KFP Gefilte Fish. Gefilte Fish sold in an Orange & Brown Bag are Fine.

The Spicy Peach will be having a Facebook Live at 8:45 tonight.

The AKC is selling thrip cloths for $5. If you would like to purchase thrip cloths, please contact Rabbi Zehnwirth to arrange pickup and payment:

Link to Rabbi Stein’s Pre-Pesach Class on Pesach Products:

Link to Kashering Your Kitchen & Utensils: Demonstrations & Guidelines with Rabbi Zehnwirth:

Making Pesach for the first time?  To help you prepare, the cRc has published the cRc First Time Making Pesach Cheat Sheet:

EB Catering, The Kosher Gourmet, and The Spicy Peach all have KFP food available. Next week, Kroger Toco Hills will have prepared foods as well.
Kosher Kreations Catering is not doing KFP Catering.

Here is a link to some Kosher for Passover Tequila: