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Gell Singh Light Salsa de Soja, Splenda, Sheraton Atlanta, Mashgiach Jobs

Gell Singh Light Salsa de Soja bears an unauthorized OU. This product is not certified by the OU.

Splenda with bonus creamer: Splenda sachets manufactured by Heartland Food Products are certified pareve by the OU. Boxes of sachets with the plain OU were packed with a “bonus” creamer inside. The creamer is kosher, but is Dairy (chalav stam).

Sheraton Atlanta Hotel on Courtland Street is in the process of building a kosher kitchen for conventions and large events. More information will be forthcoming.

AKC Symbols cards dated 2015 are still valid.

Griller’s Pride is looking for a mashgiach: (770) 454-8108

Dolce Catering is looking for a mashgiach: (770) 451-3065