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Get Kosher Certified!

The AKC Certification Process

2. Discovery Meeting

Either over the phone or on Zoom we will try to better understand your Kosher needs based on your products and your business model.

3. Initial Inspection

Our rabbinic expert will visit your facility and determine what steps need to be taken to make the plant kosher and how frequently the production facility will be visited.

4. Agreement & Contract

The contract will include all kosher requirements and any applicable fees. AKC certification fees are some of the lowest in the kosher industry.

Learn About Kosher!


Can All Foods Be Certified Kosher?

Not all foods can be certified Kosher. Pork and shellfish are the most well-known non-Kosher foods. If you come across a Kosher symbol on a smoked ham or a crab…

Kosher 101: Does the Rabbi bless the food?

The biggest myth about kosher certification is that the process consists of a rabbi blessing the food. That’s not what happens. Kosher is a biblical term that means “fit” or…

Kosher FAQ’s for Georgia Grown Companies

(Published in the Georgia Grown Newsletter) What are the benefits of AKC Kosher certification for a Georgia Grown company?Kosher certification connects you to customers that you couldn’t have accessed without…


About Us

The AKC is the largest  Kosher certifier in the Southeast. We certify thousands of products in companies and facilities in the Southeast and throughout the country.