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Great Value Creamy Coconut Fruit Bars, Unique Pretzels, Pita Grille, Cinnaholic, Mashgiach Jobs Available, AKC Membership

Great Value Creamy Coconut Fruit Bars (frozen snack): The OU certifies Great Value Creamy Coconut Bars as an OU D – Dairy product. This product contains dairy as indicated in the ingredients and allergen statements. Some packaging bears an OU symbol without the D – Dairy designation.

Unique brand pretzels certified by the OU are Dairy Equipment, unless they have dairy listed in the ingredients.

What does DE mean? Pareve products made with heat on dairy equipment may be eaten after meat, but not with meat. 
Some kashrus agencies use a DE symbol, but the OU has chosen not to use a DE designation because it felt that it might be confusing to the kosher consumer.
Also, to be a true DE product, the equipment must be properly cleaned of residue after dairy production, and that level of cleanliness is sometimes difficult to maintain and guarantee. 
Please note it is possible that a manufacturer will reformulate their product and add a true dairy ingredient.
You may not be able to know for certain since the OUD kosher symbol will remain the same.
We recommend that you call the OU office every 3 months to reconfirm the DE status of OUD products.

Pita Grille is closed

A new Cinnaholic will coming to the Dunwoody area BH.

Mashgiach jobs available. Please contact the AKC for more information: 404-634-4063

The AKC has expanded its certification of the Publix Toco Hills Bakery to include fresh strawberries that are used in their bakery items. This is only for the strawberries used in their bakery. The strawberries that are sold in the fresh fruit section are not under certification. The one item sold in the Publix Toco Hills Bakery which is not under AKC certification is the Chantilly Cake (whole and slices) which also contains fresh raspberries. Everything else made in the Publix Toco Hills Bakery is now under certification.

AKC Membership Renewal: If you are an existing member please renew. If you are not already a member, please consider becoming a member.
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