Half & Half, Pure Maple Syrup, Gefilte Fish Purchased At The Spicy Peach, Passover Catering

Half & Half must bear KFP certification. Kroger was going to produce Half & half before the virus created milk shortages but is no longer doing so.

Pure Maple Syrup does not require KFP certification.

If you purchased A&B Famous Homestyle White & Pike Gefilte Fish in Blue Box Containers from The Spicy Peach Make sure it has a KFP. A few non-KFP of this specific Gefilte Fish were accidentally sold with the KFP Gefilte Fish. Gefilte Fish sold in an Orange & Brown Bag are Fine.

EB Catering is still accepting orders for Passover: 347-988-4279

Bijan Catering is taking orders for freshly made Passover meals, including: Chicken Marsala, Applewood salmon, herb roasted potatoes, salads, and roasted vegetables. Other items will also be available to order. Free curbside delivery or pickup before Yom Tov and during Chol Hamoed. Please call for details 404-417-3005 or e-mail directly at bijancatering@yahoo.com