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Healthy Touch Cafe, Kroger Sandy Springs, Baked Goods, Broadway Cafe, Infestation, Tomer Meat

Healthy Touch Café at the MJCCA has opened a meat café for lunch and dinner. For more information contact 678-495-4112


Kroger Sandy Springs now has kosher sushi with an AKC label. For more information contact Mrs. Blanks at Kroger Sandy Springs


Cinnaholic, Sublime Doughnuts, and Krispy Kreme Doughnuts are not Pas Yisroel.

Ali’s Cookies (Johnson Ferry Road) has Pas Yisroel available per request.


Broadway Café Special: On Tuesdays an 18” pizza is $14.


Consumers should be aware that infestation on fruits and vegetables changes from season to season and location to location and the rules for checking for infestation are constantly being updated. We recommend following national guidelines of one of the major kosher agencies for vegetable checking. The OU has just published their 4th edition to their vegetable guide, and the Star-k has also updated their recommendations. Please see the links for more information.


Tomer Meat at Costco

Costco is carrying a brand of ground beef in the kosher section called Tomer.
It is NOT recommended.

Some authorities would require re-kashering if it was used.

Please consult with you rav if it was used.