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Ice Cream, Fiber One Bars, Joy Cone, OU-D, Fresh Berries

Ice Cream: It is preferable to buy ice cream at kosher certified stores (Bruster’s Toco Hills & Menchie’s Toco Hills, The Spicy Peach). One should always check the kosher letter since not all items and toppings may be kosher.

There are several non-kosher ice cream stores that tell people that they are kosher, implying that someone who keeps kosher can buy their products.  These facilities are not certified and carry non –kosher products. Sometime they may even put up a kosher letter, but you’ll see that it is not for the store but for an individual ingredient or mix that the store may be using.  One should not rely on what the attendant says or on a booklet of kosher letters as they are not always accurate.  In theory it may be possible for an individual to be their own mashgiach and inspect equipment and all ingredients that go into a product, but extreme caution is advised. Some local places that are not recommended include Yogli Mogli, Carvel, Sub Zero, and TCBY

Fiber One Bars: Due to reformulation some Fiber One Bars no longer bear the OU symbol. As always, consumers should check each product before purchasing to verify the presence of a kosher symbol.

Joy Cone: With the introduction of dairy products on their pareve lines, some Joy Cone products are now certified STAR-D Dairy and will be labeled STAR-D.

The STAR-D Dairy symbol appearing on the labels of: Sugar Cones, Waffle Cones, Waffle Bowls and Pretzel Cones, is an indication that they were produced on Dairy Non-Cholov Yisroel equipment.

Joy Brand Cake Cones and Gluten Free Cake Cones will remain STAR-K certified Pareve.

Please check each product carefully to confirm its status.

OU-D Products: Many people have questions about whether or not OU-D product contains actual dairy. If one has questions about OU certified products, please contact the OU at: 212-613-8241 or at:

Fresh Berries: Several AKC facilities have items that use fresh berries. These items are not approved.




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