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Kaplan Mitchell Retreat Center, Organic Blueberries, Iceberg Salads, Leonidas Belgian Chocolates, Golden Crown Yellow Rice, Annual Atlanta Kosher BBQ Festival, Ad Opportunity



The Kaplan Mitchell Retreat Center at Ramah Darom is pleased to announce that its kitchen facilities during the retreat and rental season from August through May are now under the supervision of the Atlanta Kashrut Commission. The AKC will oversee kashrut of food preparation during all rentals and Ramah Darom Retreats with the exception of its Passover Retreat. The AKC on-site mashgiach will be Rabbi Raphael Darzi (from Kollel Ner Hamizrach).

For more information about the facility go to

To book your next simcha or retreat please contact Katie Hendricks, KMRC Hospitality & Sales Manager, at 678-996-2830 or

Blueberries: While regular fresh blueberries must be rinsed well in water and a cursory inspection for maggots is needed, organic blueberries have been found to be very infested and the CRC recommends that they should be avoided altogether. U-pick farms are using fewer pesticides than commercially sold berries. Therefore, the CRC recommends that berries from a U-pick farm should be soaked and agitated vigorously in a solution of water with soap or veggie wash before use. Additionally one should cut open a handful of blueberries to check if there are any worms present.

PREWASHED BRANDS OF ICEBERG GARDEN SALAD that normally bear Kosher certification, such as Fresh Express [Star-K], Dole, Kroger, and Aldi’s Little Salad Bar [OK], have been found recently without the Kashrus symbol on some bags. This is due to increased infestation levels in some batches, or to non-approved processing lines. Every bag should be checked for the symbol before purchasing.

The CRC certifies some varieties of Leonidas – Fresh Belgian Chocolates but the majority of products are not kosher certified. These chocolates are being sold at the James Richardson Duty Free Stores at Ben-Gurion Airport in Israel with a sticker that states all products in the boxes are CRC kosher. In fact, many of the products are not certified as CRC kosher. The only products that are certified are those found on the Kosher Letter which can be found at:

Golden Crown Yellow Rice (with saffron) distributed by International Golden Foods Inc. was mistakenly labeled as CRC kosher. This product contains non-kosher chicken fat and is not kosher.

The AKC is pleased to announce the full-time addition of Rabbi Yaakov Zehnwirth (formerly of the ASK Kollel) to the AKC Staff.

The 7th Annual Atlanta Kosher BBQ Festival

Sunday, September 8th, 2019

From: 11 am – 3:30 pm

Location: City Green at City Springs, 1 Galambos way

Sandy Springs, GA 30328

Advertisement Opportunity: If you are interested in placing an ad in the upcoming AKC Kosher Guide please contact the AKC at or 404-634-4063