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Keith’s Corner Bar-B-Que Event, 2015 Recanati Wine, Richland Rum, Tribe Hummus, Part-Time Job, Pre-Pesach Classes

Keith’s Corner Bar-B-Que Will be holding its first pop-up event for the community Sunday the 19th at the Young Israel of Toco Hills from 4pm – 8pm.

There will be BBQ Ribs and Pulled Beef available to purchase.


2015 Recanati Wine does not have OU certification (shmita concern). The AKC does not recommend purchasing this product, and has asked local stores to remove it from the kosher sections.


Richland Dark Aged Rum is now AKC approved, even without the AKC logo.


Tribe Mediterranean Foods:

The OU currently certifies all varieties of Tribe hummus.  Tribe is launching a new ‘Flavor Shot’ product line.  Tribe Flavor Shot products are sold separately from the hummus and are meant to be mixed into the hummus.  The Flavor Shot products are not currently certified by the OU and do not bear the OU symbol.


The Kosher Gourmet is looking for a part-time mashgiach. Please contact Marty Karon or Steve Gilmer: 404-636-1114


The AKC offers Pre-Pesach classes throughout the city. Dates are limited and on a first come first service basis. The deadline to book classes is Monday, March 13th.