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Kirkland Frozen Salmon, Welch’s Grape Juice, Carlini Pure Olive Oil, MJCC Culinary Art Studio, For All Occasions & More Catering

There is a brand of Kirkland frozen salmon sold at Costco that usually bears an OU. If the package is missing the OU it is still acceptable.

Costco filleted fresh salmon has never been approved as is, as it is cut with non-kosher knives. See the AKC guide for more information on the subject.

Welch’s Grape Juice with a K is NOT acceptable. Special productions that bear an OU are acceptable.

Carlini Pure Olive Oil sold at Aldi has changed suppliers, and no longer bears an OU. (This contains refined olive oil, which requires kosher certification.)

Healthy Touch Cafe at the MJCC is AKC certified. The MJCC Culinary Art Studio is in a separate building on the MJCC campus and is not AKC certified.

For All Occasions & More Catering is now catering out of Beth Jacob, and is once again under AKC supervision.