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Kosher 101: Does the Rabbi bless the food?

The biggest myth about kosher certification is that the process consists of a rabbi blessing the food. That’s not what happens.

Kosher is a biblical term that means “fit” or “proper.” Its most common usage is to denote the types of foods permitted to eat according to Jewish Law. Over time, it has been incorporated into daily vernacular to mean that something is genuine, legitimate, or official.

Simply put, kosher.

Kosher certification is similar to any food certification in that an inspector visits a manufacturing or food packaging facility to ensure the Kosher guidelines are met.

Given the complexities of food production in the modern era, it is necessary for those who observe Kosher to require Kosher certification from an accredited rabbinic organization.

When a rabbi visits a kosher facility, he is insuring that the ingredients used in the facility and the items produced there meet and exceed kosher requirements.