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Kosher Bread Information

Cobblestone Mills Breads and Rolls with 355 as part of the date code are kosher and pareve even without an OU on the bag.
Cobblestone Mills breads NOT bearing the 355 on the date code are not supervised by the OU.

Sunbeam Breads with 0180 on the jet code are kosher and pareve.

The following breads are kosher and pareve as long as they have the following code:
“113” will be at the beginning of the date code and “B” will be listed at the end of the line. There will be numerals in between the “113” and the “B”. The bread is only kosher and pareve if it has a 113 at the beginning of the line and a B at the end.
IMPORTANT: It must say “B”. “A” means it is a non-kosher line.

20 oz. Honey Wheat Labels
-Nature’s Own Honey Wheat
-Flavorite Honey Wheat
-IGA Honey Wheat
-Oven Fresh Honey Wheat
-Derst Honey Wheat
-Piggly Wiggly Honey Wheat
-Market Pantry Honey Wheat
-Southern Family Market Honey Wheat
-Great Value Split Top Wheat
-Laura Lynn Honey Wheat

20oz 100% Wheat Labels
-Nature’s Own 100% Wheat
-Flavorite 100% Wheat
-IGA 100% Wheat
-Oven Fresh 100% Wheat
-Piggly Wiggly 100% Wheat
-Market Pantry Honey Wheat
-Southern Family Market Honey Wheat
-Laura Lynn Honey Wheat
-Great Value 100% Wheat

24 oz. Oval Breads
-Nature’s Own Made with Organic 100% Wheat Oval
-Nature’s Own Made with Organic Honey Wheat Oval
-Nature’s Own Double Fiber Wheat Oval