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Kosher Day – May 6th, Kroger Ranch Flavored Tuna, Pringles, Dole, JFGA Israel@70 Event

Kosher Day at SunTrust Park Stadium

Sunday, May 6, 2018 at 1:35 pm

Atlanta Braves vs. San Francisco Giants


Digital Ticket prices (The AKC is not selling paper/physical tickets) $12 per Ticket + purchase fee Location: Home Run Porch, Section 154


How to Purchase Digital Tickets:


Go to Braves Link for digital tickets:


Or, go to the Braves Link on our website for digital tickets:


Food can be purchased from Keith’s Corner Bar-B-Que

Location: The Batter’s Eye Deck located near the Home Run Porch

Please note that food will only be available until the Third Inning


See Stadium Map:



Kroger Ranch Flavored Tuna: Is an OU-D certified Product. It was mistakenly labeled without the Dairy designation. This product contains dairy as indicated in the ingredients and allergens statements.


Pringles is changing many of their OU pareve potato crisps to OU-dairy.

If a Pringles product is marked OUD and ingredients state ‘whey’ or ‘milk’, it is real dairy.

If the ingredients don’t state ‘whey’ or ‘milk’, it is dairy equipment. Those that have the plain OU designation are pareve. Please check labels carefully before consuming.


Dole Fresh Vegetables are certified when bearing the OK kosher symbol on the bag.

Lots that are not certified will not bear the symbol – be sure to check the bags you are buying.


Dole New Products: Dole is introducing Salad Kits which include salad vegetables and dressing. Both the salad and the dressing are certified when bearing the OK Kosher symbol on the bag. Some dressings are dairy (cholov stam). These will have the OK D symbol printed on the bags.


Jewish Federation of Greater Atlanta:

Israel at 70 Event – April 29th at Park Tavern

The event will have AKC approved meat and dairy vendors

Please check the vendor signs