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Kosher for Pesach – Grocery Stores 

The following local stores are selling Kosher for Pesach (KFP) items this year:

Kosher Gourmet – The entire store is KFP except for one designated chametz section in the back right of the store.

Kroger and Publix (Toco Hills) – These stores have designated Passover sections. Sometimes non KFP items get accidentally placed in these sections, so please check each product before purchasing.

The Spicy Peach – Many KFP items are available although there is no specific Pesach section.

Tiptop Market – Tiptop is selling many KFP items in both their Pesach and year-round sections. Some of those items contain kitniyos and are only KFP for Sephardim and not KFP for Ashkenazim. They also have many items that are KFP for everyone. Please be careful when purchasing that you are aware of what may contain kitniyos and what does not.