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Local Info

Looking for information about local kosher establishments?
The AKC is proud to serve the broader Atlanta community by maintaining a list of kosher certified stores, restaurants, caterers, product alerts, and more.

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Kosher Alerts

Stay up to date with product alerts and kashrus updates. To view recent alerts click the button below.

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Kosher Resources

-Guidelines of immersion of utensils
-Products that don’t require a symbol
to be Kosher
-Methods of checking for different types of Produce
-Purchase a thrip cloth for checking produce
-Step by Step Guidelines detailing how to Kasher Liver
-List of some of the commonly seen approved kosher symbols

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The AKC supports the Kosher community!

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About Us

The Atlanta Kashruth Commission is a non-profit kosher supervising agency founded in the 1970s. We certify thousands of products in companies and facilities in the Southeast and throughout the country.

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