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Kosher Resources, Glory Foods Candied Yams, Skinny Pop Kettle Corn Popcorn, Bone Suckin’ Sauces, First Street Parmesan Cheese, Jobs Available

The AKC is moving its kosher guide information to the AKC website
Look under Kosher Resources for kosher information on Tevilas Kelim, Produce Checking, Liver Koshering Procedures, and approved Kosher Symbols.

Glory Foods Candied Yams, Seasoned Southern Style bear an unauthorized STAR-K symbol. The formulation includes dairy ingredients as indicated on the ingredient panel and should have been labeled STAR-D.

The new variety pack of Skinny Pop Kettle Corn Popcorn contains the varieties: Sweet Vanilla, Sweet & Salty Kettle, and Cinnamon & Sugar Kettle Corn. The outer box bears the CRC and OU logos.  However, the kosher symbol was omitted from some varieties on the inner bags. These products are certified kosher and pareve.

Bone Suckin’ Sauces: The OU certifies several Bone Suckin’ sauce products.  The certified products bear the OU Symbol.  As a result of recent production changes, some Bone Suckin’ products no longer bear the OU Symbol.  Consumers should look for the OU Symbol when purchasing products.

First Street Parmesan Cheese (packets) bear an unauthorized OU-D symbol. The OU does not certify First Street parmesan cheese packets.

There is a full-time mashgiach job including benefits, available at Publix Toco Hills. Contact the AKC for more information.

Kroger Dunwoody has a full-time mashgiach job available. Contact the AKC for more information.