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Kroger Fountain Oaks, Catawba Candy Dinner Mints, AKC Ad Deadline, 2018 Kosher Symbols Card

Kroger Fountain Oaks will be closing its Kosher Fresh meat, Deli, and Sushi Departments this week.

Kosher groceries will still be available, but will be relocated to a different aisle.


Catawba Candy Company Dinner Mints: Some of their packaging bears an unauthorized OU symbol. The OU does not certify Catawba Candy Co. Dinner Mints.


The Ad deadline for the AKC Kosher Guide is this Monday the 27th.


There is a new 2018 Kosher Symbols card that will be mailed to our members along with the 2018 AKC Kosher Guide in the next few weeks. Additional 2018 kosher symbols cards will be available from the AKC office. We have added three new acceptable kosher symbols to this year’s symbols card, they are the HKA (Houston), KVH (Boston), and the OVO (Orlando)