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Kroger Passover Alert, Publix Passover Alert, Salad for Passover, Passover Approved Medications for Children, Jobs

Kroger Passover alert: The following products not bearing Passover certification were for a brief time mistakenly placed in the Passover refrigerated kosher dairy section at Kroger.

Classic Pesto Basil & Walnut Spread

Mahadrin Strawberry Leben

There are Kosher for Passover varieties of the above products, so check the labels to see if they are KFP or not.


Publix Passover Alert: Some non-kosher shank bones (not in kosher packaging) were inadvertently distributed from the Publix Toco Hills Kosher Deli between Monday March 19 and Wednesday March 21.


Salad: Some Publix brand salads are certified for Passover with an OVP

Some Dole brand salads are certified for Passover with an OKP


Partial list of Baby/Children Medications approved for Passover:

Advil Infants Drops – Dye-Free White Grape

Advil Children’s Suspension – all flavors

Benadryl Children’s Allergy Liquids – Cherry, Dye-Free Bubble Gum, Allergy Plus Congestion

Benadryl Children’s Allergy Chewables

Motrin Infants Drops – Berry, Dye-Free Berry

Motrin Children’s Suspension – Berry, Dye-Free Berry, Bubble Gum, Grape

Tylenol Infants Oral Suspension – Cherry, Dye-Free Cherry, Grape

Tylenol Children’s Suspension – Bubblegum, Cherry, Dye-Free Cherry, Grape, Strawberry

Tylenol Children’s Pain + Fever Chewables – Bubble Gum, Grape

Important: Do not discontinue use of liquid, chewable, or any other medication, without consulting with your doctor and rabbi.


Mashgiach Job Opportunities: Publix Toco Hills, Kroger Sandy Springs, and Formaggio Mio. Full and part-time jobs available. For more information please call the AKC: 404-634-4063