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Kroger Toco Hills Bakery, Pre-Pesach Classes, Imagine Soups, Lipton Soups, Planters Peanuts, A Magical Evening

NEW: Kroger Toco Hills in-store bakery is now AKC certified kosher Dairy.  Kroger Toco Hills now has two AKC certified bakeries. One is Pareve Pas Yisrael the other is Dairy Pas Yisrael. Please note that there will still be non-kosher baked goods in the Kroger store. Kosher certified products will bear kosher labels. Please check the labels.

If you are interested in placing an advertisement in this year’s Pesach Guide or sponsoring the Passover Quick Shopping Guide please contact the AKC at: or 404-634-4063. The Deadline is Wednesday, March 20th.

The AKC offers Pre-Pesach classes. Dates are limited and on a first come first service basis. The deadline to book classes is Wednesday, March 20th.

Some companies have numerous products; many of which may bear kosher certification, Kosher Dairy certification, Kosher Meat certification, and some are Not kosher.

IMAGINE ORGANIC SOUPS and BROTHS: Some are OU Pareve, some are OU Meat, and many are not kosher. Note that “Kosher Free Range Chicken Broth” is Kosher and bears an OU Meat, while regular “Free Range Chicken Broth” is not kosher.

LIPTON RECIPE SECRETS SOUP MIXES (in Onion, Vegetable and Ranch varieties) and LIPTON SOUP SECRETS NOODLE SOUP – CHICKEN FLAVOR are produced in both Israel and the U.S. The Israel product says “Kosher” in large letters on the front and bears an OU symbol and an “OU Meat” on the Noodle variety. The U.S. product is not kosher and bears no Kosher marking. At some stores the Kosher and non-Kosher versions may both be found on the same shelves. Check carefully.

Planters Peanuts: Some are OU, Some are OU-D and some bear only a K which is not recommended.

The KORC certification is not on the AKC approved List. Many confuse this certification with other certifications that bear an RC in their name. The AKC has found that produce with this certification can be heavily infested even when triple washed. One may purchase these products and check them for infestation themselves.

A Magical Evening:  Join For All Occasions & More and the Breman Museum for a Three Course Dinner, Magic Show, and Exhibition on Chol Hamoed Pesach, April 23rd. For more information please see the link: