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Quick Shopping Guide

For a quick shopping guide for all of your Pesach needs, click here.


To read more about the laws of Medicine on Pesach, click here.

Pesach Products

What can I buy without a KFP?

Pet Food

One cannot eat, benefit or own leavened products. Therefore, one should make sure that the pet foods used on Pesach are chometz-free. Click to read more.

Kashering Demonstration

How do I prepare my kitchen for Pesach?

Kashering Safety Tips

To read more about important safety tips while kashering click here.

Passover Matzah

To read more about the laws of Matzah on Pesach, click here.

All year round

Tevilas Keilim List

Guidelines of immersion of utensils.

Produce Checking Guide

List of methods of checking for different types of Produce.

Approved Symbols

List of approved kosher symbols.

About Us

The Atlanta Kashruth Commission is the largest  kosher supervision agency in the Southeast. We certify thousands of products in companies and facilities in the Southeast and throughout the country.