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Local Establishments, Falafel Truck, Fresh Berries, The Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf, List Of Items That Don’t Require Certification

During this difficult time please try to support your local restaurants, caterers, and stores that are struggling. Many caterers are now offering food service and delivery options.

Kosher Kreations Catering now has an AKC approved falafel truck: 770-885-2064

Due to the difficulties in removing infestation from fresh berries, some items with fresh berry toppings are not approved by the AKC.  Please read the kosher letter before purchasing items that have fresh berry toppings at stores like Menchies, Cinnaholic, Sublime Doughnuts, and Publix bakery.

When traveling starts up again please be aware that The Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf in the Los Angeles area Will no longer have kosher supervision on in-store made drinks and it is not recommended that any flavored drinks or other items that would require kosher supervision be purchased. Packaged coffees and teas with the KSA certification on the label in Coffee Bean stores are still certified. 

Due to Covid-19, more consumers have turned to online shopping for their groceries, which makes it more difficult to determine whether a given item is kosher-certified. To facilitate shopping in this new reality, the CRC has compiled a short list of items that do not require certification. These items are inherently kosher, and nothing is done to them during the manufacturing process that affects their kosher status. See the link: