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Mashgiach Jobs, Buying Chometz from Grocery Stores/Supermarkets, Costco Bakeries

(Taken from the Star-K)

A Jewish-owned store that did not sell its chometz to a non-Jew for Pesach

The Torah forbids a Jew to own chometz on Pesach. In order to dissuade people from owning chometz on Pesach, there is a rabbinic injunction not to eat or benefit from chometz which was owned by a Jew during Pesach. Such chometz is known as chometz sheovar olov haPesach, and it remains permanently forbidden.

For this reason, one should not buy chometz from a Jewish-owned store immediately after Pesach, unless the owner sold all chometz that he owned before Pesach to a non-Jew for the duration of Pesach, and did not acquire any further chometz during Pesach.

If a Jewish-owned store did not sell its chometz for Pesach, may one buy chometz from that store a few weeks after Pesach? It is difficult for the consumer to ascertain whether the chometz was in the store on Pesach and is therefore forbidden, or whether it came into the store after Pesach and is permitted. Since chometz sheovar olov haPesach is a rabbinic injunction, one can be lenient if there is a reasonable doubt as to whether or not the chometz was in the store on Pesach.

The AKC is not aware of any chometz sheovar olov haPesach concerns with any of the major stores in Atlanta. This includes Publix and Kroger.

Kosher Touch at the MJCC is looking for a mashgiach for their afternoon shift: 2pm-8pm.

Call the AKC for more information: 404-634-4063

The Kosher Gourmet is looking for a mashgiach. Call the AKC for more information: 404-634-4063

Reminder: Breads sold from Kosher Costco Dairy Bakeries are not kosher approved. All approved items bear a Circle-K