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Monarch Fruit Cocktail, Kroger Canned Greens, Pies for Prevention, Publix Toco Hills Deli

Monarch Canned Fruit Cocktail in Heavy Syrup bears an unauthorized OU symbol. This product contains carmine, and is not kosher.


Kroger Canned Chopped Collard Greens and Canned Chopped Turnip Greens, bear an unauthorized OU. These products are not certified by the OU. (


Regularly certified AKC establishments will be listed on our website; they will have a kosher certification letter on site, and have the AKC symbol on their packaging. Occasionally the AKC will supervise a special production. Consumers should be careful to purchase only products that are clearly marked as AKC certified.


The AKC has supervised a special production for Pies for Prevention:


AKC certified Pareve baked goods: Pies for Prevention to benefit Sharsheret.
Kosher, pareve, Pas Israel, and nut free baked goods are available for order to benefit Sharsheret; a non-profit organization dedicated to helping Jewish women and their families facing a breast or ovarian cancer diagnosis. All proceeds will go directly to Sharsheret.

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Click on “Atlanta” to order delicious brownies, fudge and apple pie, pumpkin cranberry bread, banana chocolate chip bread, and cranberry crumble.
Questions:  Contact Adina Rudisch at 404-394-1925 or


The AKC has supervised a special production for Diamano Chocolate. For more information contact Diamano chocolate: (770) 730-9770


Publix Toco Hills Kosher Deli has many new to-go and takeout offerings including stuffed cabbage, kugels, chicken nuggets, and chopped liver.


Contrary to some recent mistaken advertising the AKC does not certify the Berman Commons or the Bukharian Jewish Congregation.


The AKC is planning its educational classes for the upcoming winter. If you would like to book a class or make a suggestion please contact the AKC: 404-634-4063 or


ALERT: If you are friends with Atlanta Kashruth Comission (Comission spelled with one ‘m’), that is NOT the AKC. Please report the issue to Facebook and unfriend Atlanta Kashruth Comission. Thank you.