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Newly Certified: Sublime Doughnuts, Veggie Wash, Pas Yisroel, Schach Recommendations

Newly Certified: Sublime Doughnuts located at 2566 Briarcliff Road, Atlanta, GA 30329, is now certified by the AKC. All doughnuts, toppings, sauces, ice creams, and flavored coffees are kosher and dairy.



“Veggie Wash” Fruit & Vegetable Wash from Beaumont products (Natural & Organic) is CRC certified. The Organic type currently does not bear the CRC but is still certified.


Many have the custom to only use Pas Yisroel from Rosh Hashanah to Yom Kippur.

Items that are made fresh in AKC establishments are always going to be pas yisroel. Items such as pita, wraps, sandwich bread, and buns, brought in from elsewhere may or may not be pas yisroel. Local AKC establishments used to carry pas yisroel wraps but they are no longer readily available. One should always check with the mashgiach of the establishment about what items are pas yisroel.

Below is link to a list of Pas Yisroel products.


Schach Recommendations:


The Home Depot is selling 6 feet X 16 feet variety with the UPC Code 48037 06164 marked as having a natural finish. This is available online at:


A second variety is 6 feet X 16 feet with the Backyard X-Scapes brand name, UPC code 71746 00530 marked as being Natural “peeled” Reed Fencing. This is available online at:


These varieties may be used as schach only if:

The reeds are placed perpendicular to the schach support‐beams rather than parallel to the beams.

A piece of wood or some other piece of kosher schach should be placed on top of the fencing, so that the fencing is secure enough to not blow off during Succos. [This extra piece of wood should not be nailed or otherwise fastened to the schach, and it should be placed perpendicular to the reeds.] This condition applies to all lightweight schach including mats.

As with all schach, the schach‐portions of the mat must be thick enough that they provide more shaded area than open space [In this context, there is reason to assume that broken reeds do not “count” towards the calculation of shaded areas.] It may be necessary to place a double layer of mats in order to accomplish this.

For more information please contact the CRC at: 773-465-3900 OR