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Nine Days Meat Restaurant Options, Job Available, Rainbows End Trail Mix, Sunkist Berry Lemon Soda, Botticelli Balsamic Vinegar, Bazzini Dark Chocolate Pecans, Tahini, Membership Renewal

The Nine Days Meat Restaurant Options:
Please be aware that Items which may seem to pareve can in fact be considered meat if the items are cooked/fried in the same oil as meat and chicken. This can include French Fries and Falafel.
Toco Grill Menu items should be considered Fleishig (Meat).
Chai Peking has a Nine Days Menu
Fuego Mundo has Fish and Vegan Menu options
TipTop Kosher Market will have Shakshukah, Sabich, Salads, Tunisian Tuna and Fried Fish Sandwiches.

There is a job available at Publix Toco Hills. Contact the AKC for more information.

Rainbows End Trail Mix 32 oz bags bear an unauthorized OK symbol.

Sunkist Berry Lemon Soda is approved and does not require a kosher symbol.

Botticelli Balsamic Vinegar: Some bottles bear an unauthorized OU symbol. The OU does not certify Botticelli Balsamic Vinegar. 

Chocoa Crisp Strawberry Chocolate Decor Pearls: Some containers were labeled with an unauthorized OU symbol.  The OU does not certify this product.

Wellsley Farms Mini Crispy Chocolate Chip Cookies: Some containers are labeled with a plain OU symbol. This product contains dairy as indicated in the ingredients and allergen statements. 

Bazzini Dark Chocolate Pecans: Some packaging was labeled with a plain OU symbol. This product contains dairy as indicated in the ingredients and allergens statements. 

Tahini (ground sesame):  Due to new information the AKC currently requires tahini to bear certification.

Membership Renewal: If you are an AKC member and have not yet renewed your membership please renew your membership.
If you are not already a member, please consider becoming a member. With membership you will receive a Kosher Discount Keyring Tag which you can use to receive discounts from several vendors, as well as a Kosher Symbols Card for easy reference while you’re out shopping.