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Partner Portal

Caterer Resources

Event Request Form

Notify the AKC of an upcoming event.

Bar Policies

Letter to Client/Venue outlining Kosher Bar requirements.

Produce List

List of approved and not approved produce.

Shabbat & Holiday Calendar

Dates and Times of Jewish Holidays

Mashgiach Resources

Produce Checking Policies

List of produce checking procedures.

Offsite Event Checklist

A to-do list for supervising offsite events.

Produce Checking Form

Notify the AKC of Checking Results

Strawberry Washing Form

Notify the AKC of Strawberry Washing

Tevilas Keilim List

Guidelines for immersions of kitchen utensils

About Us

The AKC is the largest  Kosher certifier in the Southeast. We certify thousands of products in companies and facilities in the Southeast and throughout the country.