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Pas Yisroel Information

Pas Yisroel, the halacha of bread products requiring a Jewish person to have participated in their baking, is an area of Jewish law that some follow year-round, some on Shabbos, and some during the 10 days of teshuva between Rosh Hashanah and Yom Kippur.  

Local Information:

Caterers: All use both Pas Yisroel and Non-Pas Yisroel products. If not marked, please check with the caterer’s mashgiach.

Bakeries: (Kroger Toco Hills Bakery, Kroger Sandy Spring Bakery, and Publix Toco Hills Bakery) Products baked in these facilities are Pas Yisroel and are usually marked. Sometimes special orders or an occasional product is not marked, and one should check with the in-store mashgiach.

Restaurants: Many local restaurants use both Pas Yisroel and Non-Pas Yisroel. Please be sure to check with the restaurant for their specific Pas Yisroel information. (Fuego Mundo has their Pas Yisroel items listed on a board behind the register.)

Ali’s Cookies Perimeter is Pas Yisrael. Ali’s Cookies Johnson Ferry is not Pas Yisrael unless marked.

Most local wraps are not Pas Yisroel.

Most local pita comes from Classic Pita and is Pas Yisroel.

The Kroger Deli subs are Pas Yisroel but wraps and sandwiches (sliced bread) are not Pas Yisroel.

See the link below for an OU list of Pas Yisroel products:

Pas Yisroel List For 5784 – 2023 – OU Kosher Certification