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Passover Classes, Passover Guide, Passover Information

Here is the link to Rabbi Stein’s Pre-Pesach Class on Pesach Products:

Upcoming Pre-Pesach Class with Rabbi Zehnwirth:
Kashering Your Kitchen & Utensils: Demonstrations & Guidelines
Monday, March 30th at 9:00 pm via Zoom

The AKC Pesach Guide has been mailed out to AKC members.
The AKC Pesach Guide will also be posted on the Beth Jacob website soon.

Please be aware that some Kosher For Passover products come in boxes marked with KFP certification while the individual products may not be marked KFP. Check with the store or on-site mashgiach if you are unsure as to the Passover status of a product.

During this difficult time please consider supporting community businesses.
We believe these businesses are still open but check with them to confirm as information changes regularly. The Kosher Gourmet, The Spicy Peach, TipTop Kosher Market, Chai Peking, Pita Grille, Ali’s Cookies, etc.