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Pepsi Blue, Costco/Kirkland Crisps, Nori, Inspired Organics, Krasdale, Jobs Available

PEPSI BLUE is Kosher and does not require a Kashrus symbol.

Costco/Kirkland Signature brand Batch Cooked Crinkle Cut Himalayan Salt Potato CRISPS, stating “Made in United Kingdom” on the back of the bag, bear an unauthorized KOF-K symbol and are not KOF-Kosher certified. The KOF-K does not certify any Costco/Kirkland Signature brand Potato Chips/Crisps made in the United Kingdom.

Several nori sheets from China have unauthorized KOF-K. The KOF-K does not certify any nori produced in China. Yamamotoyama is the only company producing Nori that is KOF-K kosher certified.

SWEET CITY NORI SHEETS with the lot codes listed below have been recalled due to infestation concerns, and must be checked before using, even when bearing the Star-K symbol. All other lot codes remain certified. Lot Codes (printed on the bottom of each bag): 50824,50924,51024,51124,51424,51524,51624,51724,51824,52124,52224,52324.

INSPIRED ORGANICS CUT SPINACH and STRAWBERRIES bear an unauthorized CRC symbol. These products are not certified.

KRASDALE FROZEN CUT LEAF SPINACH bears an unauthorized KVH symbol. This product is not certified.

PICS Hardwood Smoked Ham Steak: Some packaging bears an unauthorized OU. The OU does not certify PICS Ham.

Julian’s Recipe Brussels Style Paleo Belgian Wafels, Matcha and Original mistakenly bear a plain OK symbol.  These products were made with pareve ingredients on dairy equipment. 

The AKC is looking for a sponsor for the 2021 AKC Kosher Symbols card. Please contact the AKC: 404-634-4063

Vendor Opportunity: The AKC is accepting new vendors for the 2021 AKC Discount Card. If you are interested in joining, please contact the AKC: 404-634-4063

There is a full-time mashgiach job including benefits, available at Publix Toco Hills. Contact the AKC for more information.

Kroger Dunwoody has a full-time mashgiach job available. Contact the AKC for more information.