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Pesach Classes, Prepared Foods for Pesach, Potato Crisps from the Spicy Peach, Soft Matzah, Thrip Cloths

The Pesach Products Class with Rabbi Reuven Stein can be found on the AKC website at:

Kashering Your Kitchen Demonstration & Guidelines with rabbi Yaakov Zehnwirth
Wednesday March 17th
8:30 pm On Zoom
See Flyer:


EB Catering

Griller’s Pride

Kosher Kreations

The Kosher Gourmet

Absolutely Gluten Free Potato Crisps sold at the Spicy Peach are NOT kosher for Passover.

CRC Alert on Soft Matzah: Please be aware that for Ashkenazim, according to the predominant custom, soft matzahs should not be used for Pesach (Halichot Shlomo, Hilchot Pesach 9:42, note 80).
Some Sephardic authorities legitimately permit and even promote its use for Sephardim, it is critical that the hechsher be of the highest standing.

The AKC is selling thrip cloths for $5. If you would like to purchase thrip cloths, please pay here and contact Rabbi Zehnwirth at to arrange pickup.