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To search the lists use the magnifying glass icon on the top right of each list.

Important: Do not discontinue use of any medicine without consulting with your doctor and Rabbi. All non-chewable prescription pill medications may be taken on Pesach. (This does not include vitamins and supplements.) Liquid, chewable or OTC medications that may contain chometz should only be used under the direction of a doctor and Rabbi. Liquid, chewable or OTC medications that contain kitniyos (see below) may be consumed by someone who is ill. An otherwise healthy person, who would like to consume a liquid, chewable or OTC  medicine to relieve a minor discomfort, should only do so if the product is known to be free of kitniyos. The following are some chometz-free Over-the Counter medications:

The following items are not KFP. Nevertheless, the OU has identified these products as Halachically acceptable for infants and those that are ill when bearing an OU symbol.

Please note:

Liquid versions of these products are preferable to powdered. Products that contain flavors should only be used when no unflavored alternative exists. Products should be purchased before Passover and be segregated from Kosher for Passover foods.

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