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Pre-Pesach Classes (Please note changes), Pot Kashering, Steamers, Trader Joe’s, Formaggio Mio

Toco Hills Community Pre-Pesach Class – Thursday March 15th

8:00 pm – At the Cohen Home: 1389 Merry Lane, Atlanta, GA 30329

Practical Pesach Kitchen Prep in an Actual Kitchen

Ever go to a Pesach class just to get home, see your kitchen, and remember you had a specific question that you forgot to ask?  This class will take place in an actual kitchen. We’ll go through the different parts to help clarify your Pesach cleaning questions, and help make your Pesach cleaning Kosher V’Sameach.


(Please note Date Change)

Pre-Pesach Class at The Kehilla

Wednesday, March 21th at 8:15 pm

5075 Roswell Rd NE, Atlanta, GA 30342


Pesach Pot Kashering at Beth Jacob

Sundays, March 18 & 25

From 10:00 am – 12:00 pm

In the Meat Kitchen


For AKC members, AKC Passover Guides are in the mail


The CRC does not recommend most steamers for kashering as they don’t meet kashering criteria.


The following Trader Joe’s items bearing the Kosher Check or BCK symbol are usable for Passover without Passover certification:


Unsweetened Coconut Chips

Unsweetened Coconut Flakes

Coconut Flour

Triple Filtered Coconut Oil

Extra Virgin Coconut Oil

Reduced Fat Coconut Milk

Regular Coconut Milk

Coconut Cream



New this year: The Spicy Peach has a Pesach Store right next door to The Spicy Peach

Tiptop Kosher Market also has Kosher for Pesach Products

Both markets carry Israeli products which are only kosher for Pesach for those who eat kitniyos.

Please read the labels carefully.


Formaggio Mio is a dairy (Cholov Yisrael) restaurant certified by the AKC.

(678) 973-0360